Sunday, December 31, 2006

Things to keep at the top of my blog

I've got a couple of quick items that should stay at the top of my blog for the next few months, at least, so I'm going to date them sometime late next year.

Employment Offered

My former boss, Shayne Clinard of is looking for two or three people in the Colorado Springs area to help put together auction lots for his online eBay auctions. The pay is good, the hours are your own, and there's a nice discount on stamps as part of the incentives. Click on this link to send him an email.

While you're at it, check out the lots he has. They change completely every seven days.

My want/offer lists

From now on, I will put a notice on my weblog when I update my want/offer lists, and I'll try to include which countries or major areas I've updated. I've got about 75,000 different stamps for trade. My want/offer master list is here. You can also access it from the sidebar on the left.


Blogger angela's ebay said...

We are from collectors (stamps, coins paper money etc)from the Philippines and have recently started our own blogs ( to sell/trade and ( to display our collections. We are interested to trade for stamps and we would be looking through your lists and our collections for this possibility. Anyway, we also hope you could check out our blogs (maybe give us suggestions and more information on some of our collections)and if possible maybe link our site. Thank you again and Best regards!

4:08 AM  

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