Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Day Covers

I recently bought an accumulation from a local dealer that included a number of first-day covers from several nations. I don't collect first-day covers, and have no use for anywhere from five to twelve copies each if I did. I'm offering these in a one-time trade to anyone that wants them, and who will send me an equal value in used stamps I might need in my collection.

There are a total of six different covers: three from the People's Republic of Southern Yemen, two from Nicaragua, and one from Israel (tabbed). Here are scans I made of the stamps:

People's Republic of Southern Yemen
#15-18, 22-24, 25-28, cacheted unaddressed FDC
Nicaragua (Sandanista)
#1120-24, C983-84, complete set of seven on two cacheted unaddressed FDC

Israel #375, unaddressed FDC, tab single.

IF anyone's interested in these six FDCs, please contact me at this email address.


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