Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some favorites

I've always wanted to use this blog to point people to dealers and others I've found to be above the average. I do most of my buying from Jeff and Christine Goulette, owners of They do 99.5% of their business through eBay. Look for them - they have great material for the worldwide collector, and many lots that would appeal to specialists.

I've also found a few other people on eBay that are better than average, for what they offer, for their service, and for their courtesy. Most of the following dealers don't have a huge following, and have material that can be purchased at truly astounding prices - although maybe not after this. Here they are. You'll have to do an eBay search for their dealer-names to locate them.


I found these dealers looking for stamps from the Ryukyu Islands, Vietnam, and Canada. I've since bought other items from them as well. They're great people, and I enjoy doing business with them. Drop by and say hello to them.



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