Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is eBay destroying local dealers?

I know of at least five local dealers - one in Colorado Springs, two in Denver, on in Albuquerque,NM, and one in Omaha, Nebraska, that no longer operate a storefront. All have switched to pure eBay operations, and most now work from home. While that's great for eBay, and obviously works for these dealers, is it making it harder for collectors?

Stamp collecting isn't just buying, selling, and trading stamps. Collectors require albums, mounts, catalogues, and the tools of the trade - stamp tongs, magnifying glasses, perforation detectors, UV lamps, watermark detection kits, stock pages, stock books, and dozens of other types of parapenalia. These were the stock in trade of the average dealer. Where is there a reasonable source of those items available today?

Some eBay dealers sell supplies from time to time. It's get 'em when they're available, or do without. If there's a local dealer that still supplies these items for retail sale, there are a lot of local customers that are looking for you!


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